SATURATION – Antelope Valley Arts Publication Seeks Submissions

The Antelope Valley Arts publication, SATURATION, is seeking submissions for its spring issue. 

The theme for spring: Movement/Motion.

Deadline for Submissions: March 1, 2011

Send submissions to:

Accepting submissions of all sorts of work: fiction, essays, poetry, book reviews, film reviews, music reviews, (brief) philosophical tracts, summer show announcements, thoughts on the Antelope Valley, Photography, images of: paintings, sculpture, collage, and architecture.

 If there is anything left out, it’s because we didn’t think of it, not because we aren’t accepting it for consideration in the spring issue of SATURATION. 

Copies of the previous issue are nearly sold out, a few paper copies remain at Sagebrush Café, in the hands of the Antelope Valley Thespians and with artist AJ Currado.

You can see content from the previous issue of SATURATION online here in a draft version.


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