Antelope Valley Artists

This article is essentially just a list of Antelope Valley artists who make art or show art in the Antelope Valley or call the AV home. We’ve got writers, musicians, painters, filmmakers and photographers and many of these folks do even more. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve broken everyone down into just 4 categories.

This listing is not exhaustive.

There are plenty of artists in the Antelope Valley who do not appear here, either because they don’t have a website to link to or because we don’t know about them yet. Mostly though the reason is that this list is just a beginning. Just a starting point. A wealth of artists are creating in the Antelope Valley every day. Only a fraction of them have stumbled across us at the AV Arts Blog and the inverse is also true. Yet, the point remains the same.

We’re just trying to connect our community to art and the artists who make it.

(If you know of any AV artists who are looking to connect to an Antelope Valley audience, maybe you can send them our way and maybe in our small way we can help.)


Painters & Visual Fine Art: AJ Currado, Cervantes, Brynn Metheney, Edwin Vasquez, Michael Jones, Nicolas Shake, Ricardo Cisneros, Steven Fiche.

Photographers: Alan Radecki, Benjamin Andrews, Darla Dear, Kevin Coffey.

Writers: Dr. Shawn Phillips, Oleg Kagan, Steven Hutson, Nicelle Davis, Nalin Ratnayake, Eric Martin

Musicians: El Javi, Euferose Correa, The Great Tortilla Heist.

Go ahead and look into the work these Antelopians are doing. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the art work being produced here in theAntelopeValley. But, then again, maybe you already knew…

Also, as an FYI, there are a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to art and visual art in the Antelope Valley,(group 1/group 2) connecting artists and promoting friendship and community through the arts. They may be worth a look-see if you are a Facebook person.

Or even if you’re not.



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