Antelope Valley Thespians prepare for 3 Days of Rain

(material grabbed from AVT’s website.)

AVT’s production of Three Days of Rain, by Richard Greenberg and set to open November 4th, is well underway with the rehearsal and technical design process. Director Nicelle Davis is moving forward with a beautiful and ambitious vision for the production, including a blend of solid and ephemeral elements to to bring out the play’s many-layered themes.

Working on an aggressive rehearsal schedule, actors Phil McKaughan, Missy Schaapman, and Nalin Ratnayake are beginning to mesh as a cast as we close to within one week of an Act I full run-through. Each actor is playing two roles, one in the modern day Act I, as well as a parent of each character in the 1960′s in Act II.

Starting from a staging plan designed by Nicelle and Nalin, member Sarah Bialobroda is observing rehearsals and starting the sketches for her first production as a lighting designer. Sarah has operated the lighting for the shows of many AVT productions to date.

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